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Disclaimer. Please note this application requires eLink Enterprise Edition. The price for eLink EE is in addition to and separate from the price listed above for the Item Maintenance application. However, keep in mind that eLink EE is used and/or required by other applications as well, but only paid for once no matter how many applications use it. You may already be paying for eLink EE, for example through eConnect.

The item app is a simple interface built using Infor's H5 technology stack that will let your users quickly review item data, on-hand balances, history and copy items from one warehouse to another all in one convenient place. It utilises LeanSwift eLink as a backend to create a more powerful interface than a standard H5 app can.

Note. Currently this product is not available as a download through Marketplace - please contact LeanSwift directly as you purchase the AR application and we will assist you with installing and configuring the product (included in the price). We are working on getting it fully integrated in Marketplace for your convenience.

Features include

  • All live data from M3
  • Streamlined and intuitive interface
  • Easy to install, plug and play with eLink Enterprise Edition
  • Based on Infor H5 technology
  • Option to enable M3 security for activating/copying items
  • Will work on modern browsers and tablets
  • Searching, sorting and custom filters
  • View item basic data
  • View item on-hand balances
  • View item transaction history
  • View item balance identities
  • Activate/copy items quickly between warehouses
  • View item Internal Transfer Price
  • Language localisation support
Version 1.2.0
M3 Version 10.x,13.x
eLink Version eLink Enterprise 6.0.1+
Provider LeanSwift Inc

This application uses both the API and Database connection in your eLink, make sure that both are configured and working properly through the eLink Configuration page. You will only need a db user with read only permission, any item updates are done through standard APIs.

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