• What is Infor M3 Marketplace?

    Infor M3 Marketplace was created to enable M3 functionality on mobile devices and web browsers, as well as M3 extensions and applications. It is easy to get started, reducing time and cost, and allow secure access to your M3 on demand.

  • How do I get started?

    The first step is to create an account for your company on Infor M3 Marketplace. Then we suggest you visit the eLink page (click eLink in the top navigation menu) to familiarise yourself with the product and how to download and install it.

  • What is LeanSwift eLink?

    LeanSwift eLink provides seamless integration between Infor M3 and other eCommerce, web or mobile tools, platforms and applications that need to communicate with M3. All communication with LeanSwift eLink is secure, making use of both SSL and OAuth2 to encrypt and authenticate all traffic.

    LeanSwift eLink is described in detail on its product pages, please click Enable in the top navigation menu.

  • How do I configure eLink?

    eLink is configured from your account pages on Infor M3 Marketplace. Login to your account and go to the eLink Configuration page. Please note that your eLink instance endpoint must be public and reachable from Infor M3 Marketplace.

  • How does Infor M3 Marketplace help my company go mobile with M3 ERP?

    It is very easy to get started, and with LeanSwift eLink you do not need to worry about exposing too much or various components of your M3 in an unsecure manner. You can start small and scale big, purchase one user to start with and test functionality, then add more users later. You can cancel and stop using functionality and apps at any time.

  • Where/How do I get the mobile apps?

    Once you have discovered M3 functionality on Infor M3 Marketplace, and purchased one or more licenses, you can find the apps themselves on respective app store, such as Apple Appstore and Google Play. A link to these will be present on the product's page on Infor M3 Marketplace.

  • How does the licensing work on Infor M3 Marketplace?

    You purchase a license to enable some M3 functionality on Infor M3 Marketplace, and pay for it with a fixed price or subscription, by number of users or for the entire application. You manage users for the license from your Infor M3 Marketplace account pages, as well as activate your purchased licenses in your LeanSwift eLink instance(s).

    A user that is not set up on a license can not use that functionality, and a license that is not activated in eLink is not usable at all.

  • Can I purchase a license as a guest user?

    No you cannot purchase as a guest user. Each license has configurable settings, and must be managed from your Infor M3 Marketplace account.

  • What are the prerequisites for buying a license?

    You must have a Infor M3 Marketplace account. Please also note that most licenses (but not all) enable functionality that requires eLink to be installed. Please see the details of each license.

  • How can I distribute licenses to my users?

    You manage and set up users for your license from your Infor M3 Marketplace. When you add or remove users they will be notified by email. All you need to do is add the users to your license(s).

  • I have technical issues installing LeanSwift eLink. What do I do?

    Please contact Infor M3 Marketplace support at marketplace@leanswift.com and we will help you troubleshoot.