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LeanSwift PO Inspection for Infor M3 provides the ability to inspect the items received via M3 Purchase Orders into a warehouse. In M3 terms, it is the ability to inspect a PO.

Features include

  • Scanning the packaging label to retrieve M3 PO number & Location
  • Validate PO
  • Retrieve & Display PO line details including PO Receiving number & Received quantity
  • Ability to change lot number and/or container number during inspection
  • Enable QI Result Option to inspect quantities

Version 1.0
M3 Version 13.x
eLink Version eLink Community 6.0.1+,eLink Enterprise 6.0.1+
Provider LeanSwift Inc
Website http://leanswift.com

This application requires additional MDBREADMI transactions available through the LeanSwift MDBREADMI product

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