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Disclaimer. Please note this application requires eLink Enterprise Edition. The price for eLink EE is in addition to and separate from the price listed above for the AR application. However, keep in mind that eLink EE is used and/or required by other applications as well, but only paid for once no matter how many applications use it. You may already be paying for eLink EE, for example through eConnect.

Note. Currently this product is not available as a download through Marketplace - please contact LeanSwift directly as you purchase the AR application and we will assist you with installing and configuring the product (included in the price). We are working on getting it fully integrated in Marketplace for your convenience.

Are you not satisfied with the standard Infor M3 financial programs? Do you think that ARS200, ARS205, CRS610/J/H, ARS430, and so on lacks in functionality and visibility? Do you have a need to use Tickler Notes but find RMS440 in M3 to be unduly complicated? Then the LeanSwift Accounts Receivable application is for you.

While Infor M3 Financial programs has seen little or no improvements during recent years LeanSwift has used its extensive knowledge of the M3 system to continuously develop and improve its Accounts Receivable application. It will streamline your entire AR process and display your M3 financial data in a way that makes sense for you and your business.

Features include

  • All live data from M3
  • Streamlined and intuitive interface
  • Easy to install, plug and play with eLink Enterprise Edition
  • Based on Infor H5 technology
  • Option to enable M3 security for updating customer data, tickler notes and credit release
  • Will work on modern browsers and tablets
  • List open and closed invoices with order information
  • View and update customer basic data
  • Searching, sorting and custom filters
  • Add and maintain tickler notes
  • IDM integration, view and email Invoices and Proof of Deliveries
  • View aging by due date or invoice date
  • View payer data
  • List account payments and payment details
  • View credit history
  • View order information and stopped orders
  • View annual review dates and collections/attorney
  • View balances, high balance and period
  • View days and amount past due
  • View last payment date and amount
  • View days sales outstanding
  • View GP sales
  • Localisation support for English, French and Swedish

Credit Release

The AR application is enabled to also run Credit Release, however, this is not yet standard API functionality within Infor M3. Please contact LeanSwift and we will help you unlock Credit Release functionality within the application, as it will require custom modifications. When Infor adds a Credit Release API this functionality will be implemented into the standard version of AR at highest priority.

Upcoming Features

  • Support for customer exceptions in M3 (CMNDIV)
  • Continuous work to improve and simplify the UI
  • Creating and updating custom order entry messages
Version 4.1.0
M3 Version 10.x,13.x
eLink Version eLink Enterprise 6.0.1+
Provider LeanSwift Inc

This application uses both the API and Database connection in your eLink, make sure that both are configured and working properly through the eLink Configuration page. For almost all functionality a user with read only permission is fine. However, if you want specifically the Tickler Notes functionality to work you must give the database user write access to the objects FCRMTN, FCRMTD, FSYTXL, FSYTXH. No other objects in M3 database is ever written to or updated through SQL by the AR app, however, these are an unfortunate consequence of no api support at all to manage Tickler Notes.

This application can integrate with IDM and requires any version if IDM that exposes REST APIs. If you do not use IDM, or have not configured IDM in eLink, the application will still work but any IDM integrated functionality will not.

This application uses the SMTP settings in eLink to send emails. If you have not configured eLink to be integrated with your mail server this functionality will not work in the application.

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